About Us

The electronic industry has grown leap and bounds. The system complexity has grown exponentially and the quality of the products has improved drastically. Add to that is the products come in different sizes and shapes. To support such product requirement, the industry need a good packaging and handling of the equipment’s/boards.

It was seen that there was a huge gap between the industry requirement and what the packing support available in terms of Quality, Customising ability and the turn around time. Keeping this in mind in the year 2013 the Static Packaging was started.

We at Static Packaging have the ability to support packing/handling material of different sizes and shape. We are a very quality conscious and take great care to meet the customer quality standards. We have ability to ramp up production in a very short period to cater to high volume orders. We do also support low volume orders with any custom build requirement.

We are always there to support our customer to help expand their business with our quality, cost effective handling materials.